Cosmetic Treatments

At Hillview Cosmetic Clinic, we offer various treatments. This section of the web site provides an overview of each treatment.

If you would like a private consultation to find out more about the treatments and which treatment would best suit you, then contact us.

Our Treatments:


Antiwrinkle Injections

Antiwrinkle Injections Northern Ireland

Antiwrinkle Injections are primarily used to remove frown lines, crow's feet, laughter lines and forehead creases.

Every time we laugh, smile or frown, "dynamic wrinkles" are created by the contractions in our delicate facial muscles. Over time, these "contractions" leave us with what we know as frown lines, crow's feet and laughter lines. By blocking impulses from the nerves to our tiny facial muscles, temporarily relaxing them so that they do not contract, Botulinum Toxin softens the appearance of these lines. While the untreated muscles react in a normal way allowing facial expressions to be unaffected, the skin itself remains smooth and unwrinkled. The improvement can be surprisingly dramatic.           Back to Top

Glycolic and Chemical Peels

A gentle glycolic acid peel can be performed with varying percentages of glycolic. Glycolic acid loosens the "glue-like" attachments or cellular cement that is characteristic of many skin conditions such as ageing, acne, skin discolouration and coarse texture. After just a few weeks your skin looks brighter, clearer and dry skin becomes hydrated and smooth.

Benefits of Bio-glycolic Peel
• Assist to resolve sun damaged skin, acne and scar reduction, premature ageing, hyperpigmentation.
• Significantly decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates collagen and elastin.
• Accelerates the results that can be achieved with glycolic home care products.
• Produces dramatic changes with virtually no erythema or recovery period.

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Dermal Fillers

Hydrafil Dermal Fillers Northern Ireland

 Hillview offer a number of dermal filler treatments including Restylane, Juvederm Ultra, Teosyal and Radiesse.

Used to volumise areas like the nose to mouth lines, frown lines,chin and cheek areas.Dermal fillers are a great non-surgical solution to looking younger and fresher.

Particular fillers can be used also to volumise the hands and decollete[chest area], which can appear crepey due to aging and sun-damage.This is refered to as Mesotherapy.

Cosmetics and moisturising products such as anti-ageing creams act on the upper layers of the skin, primarily the epidermis. The skins hydration, resistance, tone and elasticity are citical to its appearance.

To achieve long lasting improvements to the appearance of wrinkles, a deeper layer of the skin should be treated. These treatments work in the dermis itself, to fundamentally change the appearance of wrinkles.

Each product we provide is aimed at different areas of the face and different age groups. It is therefore important that we have a consultation before the treatment to ensure that the most appropriate product is being used.
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Radiesse ®

Radiesse is the newest non-surgical facial contouring filler that delivers an immediate, longer lasting result.

Whether you're longing to reverse the common signs of aging or address a health issue that otherwise would require an invasive treatment, you have more options in looking and feeling better with Radiesse ®. Developed with safety and longevity in mind, Radiesse is a new generation injectable filler that offers superior versatility for both cosmetic and reconstructive use without surgery. What sets Radiesse apart from other dermal fillers? The answer is in its durability, longevity, and versatility. The unique composition of Radiesse provides immediate visual improvement common with other fillers, along with the benefit of long-lasting results.

For facial contouring, Radiesse can be used for:

• Nasolabial Folds
• Marionette Lines
• Cheek Augmentation
• Non-surgical
• Rhinoplasty
• Jaw Line
• Chin Augmentation

No matter what procedure you're considering, Radiesse offers unmatched versatility and years of extensive research and testing to prove its safety and effectiveness. Any form of facial contouring with Radiesse is performed as a non-surgical, minimally invasive out-patient procedure in a physician's office.

Results are immediate and only require a few long-lasting treatments, which means Radiesse is also cost-effective - saving you time and money. And while treatment results may vary, results typically last months longer with Radiesse compared to other fillers.
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Semi Permanent Make-up

A revolutionary method of applying micro-pigments to the skin. Medically proven and long-lasting, this treatment is a must for people on the go!

Semi Permanent Make UpMicro-pigmentation is a revolutionary method of applying micro insertions of natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. This state of the art technique is medically proven and specifically designed to be completely safe. Micro-pigmentation is used for a variety of permanent cosmetic enhancements such as eyebrows, eye liner, and lip liner / colour. Other permanent cosmetic procedures include vitiligo, stretchmarks, and scar camouflaging, areola restoration, hairline enhancement and much more.

The micro-pigmentation procedure for lip colour is beautiful. It can appear to change the size and shape of the lips as well as the colour. This procedure helps prevent lipstick from bleeding into the surrounding skin. A soft, pink, similar to the lip colour of a newborn baby, is popular for those wanting a natural look. A more dramatic colour can be achieved if required.
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What causes thread veins and varicose veins?
50% of the population will develop problems with their leg veins during their life.  In most cases there is a family history so the cause is likely to be genetic.  Women in particular find the appearance of thread veins quite distressing but can be reassured that; a) though unsightly they are unlikely to cause symptoms or medical problems and, b) they can be treated and their appearance significantly improved.

This clinic offers a thorough assessment and diagnosis of your veins to exclude underlying problems in order to offer the best treatment option for you.

What is Sclerotherapy?
Sclerotherapy is a safe, painless and well established treatment for thread veins on the legs. 
A solution is injected with a very tiny needle, very superficially into the veins, causing the lining of the vein to break down.  This damage to the vein wall triggers a healing response which over several weeks causes the vein to close and fade away.

What results can I expect?
The results are not immediate.  The veins look worse before they get better and the treatment may need to be repeated at 4-12 week intervals.  Most patients see a 60-80% improvement in the appearance of the veins somewhere between one and four treatments.

Are the results permanent?
The veins that are successfully treated will not recover but this is a treatment for the symptoms not a cure for the underlying causes so new veins may develop over time.

Is this a safe treatment?
This is a very safe treatment but as with any other treatment, not entirely without risk.  This treatment is not suitable for everyone.  Your practitioner will take a medical history and discuss the possible risks and complications with you prior to treatment.

Is there any special aftercare?
You may resume normal activities immediately.  You will be given special hosiery to wear for a week after the treatment.  This looks like normal hosiery and you will have a choice of colours and styles.  You will be advised to take a 10 minute walk immediately afterwards, to avoid high impact exercise for 2 weeks, no steaming hot baths, showers, saunas or sunbeds for 2 weeks and no waxing for 4 weeks.  Please discuss any long haul travel plans within 4 weeks of treatment with the practitioner.

Are there any alternative treatments?
Our nurse will also be able to advise on cosmetic camouflage to improve their appearance for particular outfits or events and the use of compression hosiery for the management of symptoms such as aching, swelling and itch.

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Short Wave Diathermy

Facial Red Veins
This treatment works well on facial red veins. A fine, hair like needle is used to conduct a small electrical current to heat up the blood in the veins and seal the vein closed. Local anaesthetic cream is applied to numb the skin and minimise any discomfort.

After the treatment the skin will be pink from the heat and may be a little puffy in more sensitive areas.  This should settle within hours.  On day two or three tiny scabs may form and should not be scratched or picked.  By day four or five all should have settled. During the summer months you will be advised to wear sunscreen.

Although the veins will disappear immediately a healing process takes place and the final results will be apparent at four to six weeks.  If at this time further treatment is necessary the process can be repeated.

Skin Tags
The electrical current is used to destroy the skin tags, removing them 'as if with a hot knife'.  Again local anaesthetic is used to minimise discomfort.

Millia/white heads
White heads where firm plugs of sebum become trapped can be released with diathermy or with a course of microdermabrasion and skin care if this is a chronic problem.

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